Why Saint Tropez Is The Mecca For Rich People!

Why Saint Tropez Is The Mecca For Rich People!

Saint Topez is a small little gorgeous town in the French Riviera which is about 100 km west of Nice of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region of southeastern France. Known for its lovely beaches, terrace cafés and lines of yachts along the quay, this modern version of a medieval town always attracts jet-setters, celebrities, and tourists. The town has a mesmerizing quaint beauty, that is serene and picturesque. Walking about town, one could smell beautiful aromas in the town’s classy boutiques, hear the rev of engines at the Harley Davidson festival in May and taste sun-ripened tomatoes doused in local olive oil.

The Best Things To See & Do In Saint-Tropez

Just like most tourist destinations, Saint-Tropez is ablaze with amazing sites and sounds, beaches with deep blue waters, fun events, incredible dining experience and fun activities for everyone. Tired of sitting in your hotel? Head up to the steep hill towards the 17th century La Citadel, where you can brush up on the history of Saint Tropez at the museum or explore the House of Butterflies, where there are thousands of butterflies on display. On the other hand, If you want to experience a little culture, you can always visit the Annonciade Museum which has one of the longest established modern art galleries in France and see works of art by the likes of Bonnard, Signac, and Matisse, just to name a few.

After catching up on a little history, arts and culture, you can always hit the streets for some outdoor activities or bask in the sun by the beach. When you are feeling a little adventurous, you can check out Marine Air Sport for some parasailing & paragliding. Then head off to Centre de Plongee Ketos, H2O club de plongee, Cap Camarat Plongee ecole de plongee or European Diving School for some snorkeling and scuba diving. You can also head out to Jet Family & Sunforce for some jet & water skiing. Want to go site seeing? No problem. Head on over to Port de Sainte-Maxime, Chapelle Sainte-Anne, Pointe des Sardinaux for some nature and wildlife or Place des Lices Market where you can check out some flea and street markets.

Night Life In The Beautiful Saint Tropez

Night time in Saint Tropez is when the town comes alive. As you watch the sunset, you can have pre-dinner tapas and drinks at any of the spectacular restaurants around town. Here, you will find some great value for money restaurants for all occasions. You can find anything from the local’s favorite, Le Bistro Pastis to the magnificent 3-Michelin starred Vague d’Or. After a succulent dinner, you could hit the very trendy Bar du Port for some drinks as you watch jet-setters hop on and off their yachts. This is the best place to get the night started and as the hours tick away, Saint Tropez evolves through its many personalities giving you a chance to explore its wild side, and you might find yourself hopping from restaurants, to trendy bars, or to popular nightclubs.

Experience The Beauty Of Saint Tropez

Few people know what to expect when visiting Saint Tropez. The charming little town is truly a paradise and with its world-class restaurants, beautiful beaches and a handful of fun activities, Saint Tropez remains one of the best tourists destinations to visit. With average temperatures throughout the year, you can be sure of friendly weather fit for outdoor activities. This makes the town perfect for strolling about, especially for nature lovers. On the other hand, for those who want to bask in the sun and enjoy a quick deep in the ocean, there is always plenty of activities for them to discover. There is simply everything for everyone as long as you are ready to fork out some cash and experience the wild adventures that Saint Tropez has to offer.