Things You Can’t Miss When Visiting Saint-Tropez

Things You Can’t Miss When Visiting Saint-Tropez

Saint Tropez, the famous small town of French Riviera, offers a lot to their visitors. Especially during summer, when the town is in its splendor, it’s almost impossible to get bored. Easy to access by car or yacht, the town offers crystal clear sea, beaches you can see in postcards, delicious Mediterranean food, extravagant events, prestigious nightclubs, and casinos. Despite known and popular location before, it was Brigitte Bardot and her movie “And God Created Woman ” made this town a famous vacation spot among the affluent people. While the legendary Hotel Byblos recently celebrating 50 years, we will list things you can’t miss when visiting Saint-Tropez.

Get Ready to Dance, Party, and Gamble

If you had just one night to spend in Saint Tropez, making a decision would have been easier. You would dress to impress and visit Les Caves du Roy. Located in the legendary Hotel Byblos, with its great music, famous DJs, and high-class guests, Les Caves du Roy is the absolute spot for a night of dance and fun. Once you make it by the doorman get ready for entering the world of international jet-setters. Well, if you have more than one night, there are other places to check during your visit. Fashion legend Karl Lagerfeld’s favorite VIP Room, celebrities’ regular stop Papagayo, Le Quai on the harbor and the underground nightclub L’Esquinade are among the other options. But why wait for the night to party?

In addition to its prestigious nightclubs, St Tropez gives you the option to dance and party during the day too. A variety of beach bars and beach clubs let you enjoy the sun, sand, signature cocktails and exhilarating beats. Celebrities’ frequent stop Club 55 on Pampelonne Beach, Moorea as the equivalent of style since 1950’s, Bagatelle with its inviting music and the hip and trendy Nikki Beach are the best beach clubs to visit during the day. When bored of the sun and music, hit famous casinos like Casino de Cavalaire, Casino Barriere Saint Raphael or Casino Vikings de Fréjus with lady luck on your side to enjoy the several table games and slots. After winning the jackpot continue partying at the bars and clubs of the casinos or sip your drink on the terrace.

Explore the Potential of the Town

After the nights and days of partying or dancing you might want to devour yourself with delicious Mediterranean food or experience something different. Start exploring the richness of the town from the harbour with the view of hundreds of expensive yachts. Walk through the narrow cobblestone streets of the old city. Climb the hill to the Citadel that stands gloriously above the town. Enjoy the view from the Citadel and visit the Maritime History Museum inside. Before sitting down for some delicious food, make sure to visit the Gendarmerie and Cinema Museum. After a day of cultural and natural exploration, you can let your taste buds go wild in famous restaurants by the coast. Or visit the restaurants of the casinos we mentioned earlier that serve the delicacies of Mediterranean cuisine as well.

Hit the Jackpot in St Tropez

Few places can beat St Tropez when it comes to versatility. The small town on the French Riviera offers the luxury of options to its visitors. Famous casinos, legendary nightclubs, beautiful beaches, green mountains, delicious food, rich culture and history are just a few. St Tropez is the best choice if you want to live your vacation to the fullest. Party in the high-end nightclubs and enjoy the azure waters of the Mediterranean. Visit various extravagant casinos in the town or nearby to continue enjoying the luxury of options. Try your luck at classic slots or modern video slots. Sit down on a roulette, blackjack, or poker table and feel the excitement of these great games and while passing some quality time in the vacation you deserve.