Is It Legal To Gamble in Saint Tropez and in France?

Is It Legal To Gamble in Saint Tropez and in France?

Increasingly, the legalization of casino gaming in multiple forms has been accepted across the globe and just soon even Sweden will open up their casino regulations. In France, the overall picture of gambling is something of a contradiction. The country undoubtedly has a rich history in gambling that dates back to hundreds of years ago, yet stringent restrictions continue to afflict many sectors of the industry today. In Saint Tropez or generally other parts of France, it is not crystal clear where casino lovers stand as far as online gambling is concerned. However, gambling is a past time activity adored by many French citizens, with the market growing steadily but surely. Let’s discuss the main aspects of casino gaming in France today.

The Regulatory Landscape

There are numerous land-based casinos where players can ply their trade at. In these establishments, horse betting, sports betting or gambling on table games such as Roulette, Blackjack or Baccarat is allowed. The same goes for slot machines, which were legalized in 1998 after the required gambling age was reduced from 21 to 18 a year earlier. Popular spots in Saint Tropez that tourists and locals flock to enjoy their favourite casino game include Casino De Cavalaire, Casino Barriere Saint Raphael and Casino Barriere Saint-Maxime. When it comes to online casino gaming in France, it’s a different story altogether. Roulette is a game you cannot play online today. This also applies to slot machines and other types of casino games such as Scratch Cards and Bingo.

The French Gambling Act was a legislation introduced in 2010 to regulate and tax online casino gambling. The act didn’t allow spread betting, online poker, online roulette and online slots but made sports betting as well as horse race betting completely legal. In addition, the act created a regulated body referred to as ARJEL to supervise online casino gaming in France in a bid to crack down on unapproved operators outside France that accepted French players. ARJEL lists all the approved online casino operators with global favourites such as PartyPoker and Poker Stars getting the nod to compete with state-owned ventures. French gamblers are required to pay up 2% on every cash game pot, with horse racing wins attracting 8% tax and sports betting incurring a 7.5% levy.

How Can An Online Casino Tell My Location?

If you’re in France and you opt to register with an unlicensed operator, three things can be used to pinpoint your location. These are your IP address, your home address and the address registered on your Visa or Mastercard credit card. You’ll be asked to explain why you are using a French IP address and before you know it, you’re account will be suspended. It is possible to circumvent the IP address check by altering your IP address. A great number of French players have found a way to acquire a postal address from another country, for example, the UK and managed to use multiple forms of payment options such as pre-payment methods in a bid to hide their French bank account information.

Gambling in France – The Future

As it stands, there are no regulatory issues with regard to gambling in land-based establishments in France. However, the same cannot be said about their online counterparts. As such, the online casino industry in France seems to be impeded by stringent regulations on casino games that are popular with many players around the globe. In the coming days, whether the French government will give in to public outcry and review the regulations touching on these games remains to be seen. The gambling industry has boomed across many European nations and bar French horse betting and sports betting, many feel that France needs to reconsider its legislation regarding other casino games such as slots and roulette that online casino enthusiasts love to play.