Casino Vikings de Fréjus

Casino Vikings de Fréjus

Casino Vikings de Fréjus is definitely the go-to resort for that perfect getaway with the right ambience and aura. Located between Saint-Tropez and Cannes, this resort has a close proximity to the port and therefore provides the perfect scenery blend of the beautiful city of Marina and the flawless beach. During the daytime the casino will keep you entertained with the many casino games it has to offer and during the night, you will have a magical time at the establishment’s restaurants and piano-bar that offer a magnificent sight to behold of the luxurious yachts and beautiful nightlife of Marina.

Games Selection At Casino Vikings de Fréjus

The elegance and perfection of this resort are not only in its location and landscape but also in the games selection it offers its clients. If gambling is your thing, then the Casino Vikings de Fréjus has got you covered. You can play over 100 slot machines which are among the very best. The different types of slots to enjoy are the modern video reels and the nostalgic classic reels. All these slot machines have 3 coloured lamps at the top and all have different meanings. The yellow light is for calling the casino’s gambling staff for any assistance, the red light indicates the machine is out of order and the green light shows that the machine requires manual payments. The minimum wager amount is set at €0.01 which is affordable and gives you more chances to play.

If you spin the reels a number of times and boredom starts to kick in, don’t forget that the casino has other games as well which will hype you up. Head right over to the tables section where you can play up to 4 variations of Blackjack. As for Blackjacks, the minimum bet amount is €5 and the maximum is €250. You can also try your luck at the over 10 Electronic Roulette games that the casino offers. Poker lovers are also not left behind as the casino also has a decent selection of video poker. Clients can enjoy these games freely since they are fair and secure without any biases. When it comes to gaming, this casino has proven to offer a first-class customer experience.

Other Activies The Casino Offers

As you play the games at the casino, you don’t have to worry about getting a delicious and appetising meal. Once your tummy starts grumbling, make your steps towards the Le Pavillion restaurant where the Chef will have something good headed your way. You can enjoy traditional foods and cuisines that will leave your mouth watering. If you are lucky enough and there happen to be an event, you will be in for a sweet treat. The Pontoon located on the first floor of the casino provides the best location for any events with a perfect view of the wharf and terraces. If you will be staying there for some time, you can have a stroll around Fréjus and its surroundings and enjoy activities such as canoeing, sailing and windsurf boarding.

Casino Vikings de Fréjus The Place To Be

If you are planning a vacation or getaway to Saint-Tropez, this resort is the place to be. The casino goes the extra mile and provides a loyalty program for its clients. This is a clear indication that your membership and loyalty will pay off. By playing the games available, you will collect points which can be redeemed for amazing rewards. Another plus that the casino has is its strict policies. Gambling is only allowed for customers above 18 years and as for dressing, one must have a decent and appropriate attire on. People with disabilities can access any service they desire freely and the user-friendly staff is readily available. With all these positive remarks said, you have no reason not to check out this luxurious resort and casino once you get to Saint-Tropez.