Casino Barrière Sainte-Maxime

Casino Barrière Sainte-Maxime

Nothing quite beats the experience of gaming in a real casino. Many gamers, particularly those who have been in the gaming sector for a while, will agree that whereas online casinos are great, they cannot match the thrilling and immersive experience of gaming in brick and mortar casinos. This explains why land-based establishments like Casino Barrière Sainte-Maxime have remained relevant regardless of the rising number of online casinos. The casino is located in Sainte Maxime, France. Slot machines and table games are some of the games you can play here. Casino Barrière is located in proximity to numerous attraction sites, so you can enjoy gaming and at the same time have a feel of the alluring beauty of Sainte Maxime.

All About Casino Barrière Sainte-Maxime

Casino Barrière Sainte-Maxime is a relatively small casino but very classy. You will have to be 18 years and above to be allowed inside the casino, and to prove your age, you are expected to produce your identity card. Also, the casino is quite strict with the dressing code. You have to adorn yourself in proper attire as stipulated by the casino if you want to play the various games offered. Casino Barrière Sainte-Maxime is open daily from 09:00 am to 03:00 am, so you will have all the time to experience the glitz and glamour of a land-based facility. The casino houses two restaurants; La Plage and Le Café Barrière and has panoramic bars where you can enjoy delectable food and drinks.

Casino Barrière Sainte-Maxime is ideally located near the sea, giving you a spectacular view of the crystal clear water and the beautiful beaches that are strikingly lined by the calm palm trees. The casino has different games with slot machines making up the largest percentage. Try your luck in the slot machines section with the sun shining above you, thanks to the casino’s retractable roof. There are approximately 131 slot machines, which range from classic slots to technologically advanced video slots. Poker fans have the option of video poker while table games enthusiasts can try their luck in Blackjack, Electronic and English Roulette, and Casino War. This Casino is packed with many fun games and you will never miss one or multiple games that are appealing

Explore The Beauty Of Sainte-Maxime

In addition to the casino games, the casino’s large hall that extends onto the terrace overlooking the Mediterranean offers a broad range of activities. Pop, rock, comedy, French hits and cultural themed nights, jazz, and high-class events occur all year long. Regardless of the time of the year that you choose to visit the casino, you will never miss fun activities to indulge in. However, for maximum enjoyment, summer is the best time since it offers friendly weather for outdoors. The casino overlooks the sea, and hence for quality relaxation, head to the private sandy beaches. Take a boat ride, swim or snorkel in the warm waters, engage in the thrilling water skiing, wind and water surfing or take a walk along the beaches. The choice is all yours.

Experience Casino Barrière Sainte-Maxime And Its Environs

Experience the allure of the private beach with the glittering turquoise waters, open spaces that offer a spectacular view of the sea and a retractable roof that opens up to the sun during the day and dazzling stars during the night. Play the games offered at Casino Barrière Sainte-Maxime as you sip your favourite drink. Afterwards, have a taste of the delicious seafood among other dishes before you head out to engage in water, sport and other activities. Explore the cultural diversity of Sainte-Maxime as you walk through its markets and streets. Go on a nature trail along Catalugno or Quilladou and later on climb the Massif des Maures to have an extensive view of the Mediterranean and the flora that embellish the landscape of Sainte-Maxime.