Top Restaurants in St Tropez That You Cant Miss!

Top Restaurants in St Tropez That You Cant Miss!

St Tropez gained worldwide recognition from as early as the 1950s when French movie celebrities approved of the region with their regular visits which inexorably transformed it into one of the most renowned places in Southern France. To date, celebrity culture still prevails and without a doubt, star spotting is considered to be a spectator sport that draws millions of visitors year in, year out. That said, Saint Tropez doesn’t disappoint when it comes to foodies, with a host of top-notch restaurants catering for everyone’s taste and financial well-being. We’ve gone ahead to select restaurants Saint-Tropez has to offer that will guarantee awesome company, an incredible view and a superb dining experience.

The Top 5 Restaurants in St Tropez

With pocket-friendly set menus starting at €19.50 for 2 courses during lunch only and 3 courses for €29, La Table du Marché is a restaurant worth checking out whenever you’re in St Tropez. The joint is owned and managed by celebrity chef Christophe Leroy and given it’s situated near the old port, you’ll get to enjoy pastries, patisseries and gourmet bites away from the hustle and bustle of St Tropez. Hotel De La Ponche is another restaurant where the food will whet your appetite. From fish soup and red mullet to lobster and cod, everything is done in “Provençal fashion.” Also, if you’re a fan of French films, you’re in for a treat given the venue allows revellers to dwell on the heyday period when Brigitte Bardot’s ‘God Created Woman’ made headlines.

St Tropez is home to exotic restaurants.

La Vague D’or, La Terrace and La Residence De La Pinede is a three star Michelin restaurant that will give you a fine dining experience when on holiday in St Tropez. Visitors are treated in world class style and gracefulness and its get even better because Arnaud Donckele – the French Chef Of The Year in 2013- conjures up the most exquisite cuisine. Club 55 is another well-known restaurant in St Tropez and on a good day, expect over 1000 guests to visit this premise for a post-beach aperitif full of appetizers. The last restaurant we’d recommend you visit is none other than L’auberge Des Maures. This attractive classic Provençal house happens to be the oldest in town and is popular for its gourmet greatness. Famous people such as Charlie Chaplin and Brigitte Bardot have been here and so should you!

The Best Bars In St Tropez

Want to sip your favourite drink deep into the wee hours of the night in exquisite fashion? Well, St Tropez makes the grade as far as the finest bars in France is concerned. One particular spot we’d recommend you check out is Maison Blanche Champagne Bar . Situated near le Place des Lices and in the middle of of the Maison Blanche Hotel, you’ll find champagne of the highest quality regardless of whether you prefer it by the glass or bottle. As part of its luxurious collection, you won’t miss the 1921 Moët & Chandon Grand Vintage Collection. Just before you dine in your preferred restaurant, sit back and enjoy what tickles your fancy as you admire the serene comprised of the gorgeous 18th-century fountain.

Check out the Maison Blanche Champagne Bar

Value For Your Money

Wining and dining in some of the most magnificent restaurants Saint Tropez has to offer doesn’t come cheap. However, the value you’ll get for your cash is out of this world. A quick search on the internet shows a wide array of recommendations but sometimes not everything you read is genuine. By checking out our Saint-Tropez Casino & Nightclub Guide, you’ll find all the information you need with regard to the best restaurants, art, culture, food and bars in Saint Tropez. We have a dedicated team of researchers who will go out of their way to find the best spots for you thereby saving you a whole lot of time you’d need to spend finding them by yourself. Start saving up for that holiday today and trust us to find you the ideal destination!